The P&H X Choosing Keeping Desk Accessories Gift Box

We've teamed up with our all time favourite stationery shop Choosing Keeping to compile the sweetest selection of desk accessories and paper goods. Plenty to keep the papyrophiliac's in our lives happy and artists creative. 

Each gift box contains: 

1 x Alphabet Brush Pot - £40

1 x Choosing Keeping Nickel Plated Scissors - £35

6 x Choosing Keeping HB Silver Gloss Pencils - £15

1 x Tomato Red Metal 4 Colour Ballpoint Pen - £8

1 x Tomato Red Metal Mechanical Pencil - £10

10 x 'Merry Christmas' Bird Stickers - £10

10 x 'With Love' Bird Stickers - £10

10 x 'Good Luck' Four Leaf Clover Stickers - £10

1 x A4 P&H Softcover Notebook - £14.50

1 x A5 P&H Softcover Notebook - £8.50

1 x A6 Softcover Notebook - £5.50

With an RRP of £166.50 - we are delighted to offer this for £115.00.

Presented in a gift box (pictured) all carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packed in 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable shredded kraft cardboard. To include a note please leave instructions at the checkout. 

Select your chosen Alphabet Brush Pot letter from the drop down menu. 

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