Landscape Near Hadleigh by John Nash


Landscape Near Hadleigh by John Nash

By The Bookroom Art Press
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Watercolour on paper, c.1945 – printed to original size.
This, in many ways, is quintessential Nash – as too, it is so
recognisably the English countryside. Although two of Nash’s most famous
masterpieces were done in oil – his Oppy Wood and Over the Top – Nash
preferred watercolour. Watercolour has a gentleness and a reticence of
tone, and allows for careful understatement. Not only were these
qualities expressive of Nash’s own character, they are uniquely suited
in the portrayal of an English countryside muted in colour and tone, and
damp as the watercolour pigments themselves.
In this print the year is young, buds are still unfurled and the clod
of the ploughed field is saturated with winter’s moisture. Yet the sun
casts a shadow, and the promise of Spring seems palpably detectable in
the air.

Size: Image 36.4cm x 52cm, paper size: 61cm x 71cm

Format: Giclée Print, Limited Edition (1/850) on 310 gsm thick, 100 % cotton rag. Hand-numbered and hand-embossed. 

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