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Alphabet Brush Pot - 3

Alphabet Brush Pot - 3

By Bridie Hall

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Introducing the latest font to join the Alphabet Brush Pot collection. Especially commissioned by master of the letterpress Thomas Mayo for Bridie Hall. Taken from a suite of antique wooden letter blocks and brought well and truly into the 21st century by way of drop shadows and coloured metallics.

Desktops don’t have to be dull and studios so serious. Put all your pens into an alphabet pot! Brighten up your brushes! Organisation just became beautiful, and we’ve got the brush pots to prove it. Make up your initials, spell out your name, a favourite word, a happy thought, the year you were born. Get creative, make up the whole alphabet – the possibilities are endless! Personalise that workspace, treat yourself - you’re worth it!

Smooth glass tumblers inlaid with a gold vinyl letter or symbol lacquered in the sunniest yellow and a topcoat of glossy varnish. They are for decorative use only and are not suitable for food consumption. Whilst durable, the lacquers are water-soluble so if they were ever to be used to hold a posy of flowers (which is a fabulous idea) the best thing is to put a small jar of water inside. 

Individually handmade in London, each pot is 100% unique, so letters may wobble, and imperfections may occur.

Dimensions: Height 10.5cm, Diameter 8cm.


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