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Aset Soap - Eucalyptus

Aset Soap - Eucalyptus

By Bridie Hall

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Box of 2.

Queen of the Throne.

Aset’s (also known as Isis) reputed magical power was greater that of all other gods, and she was said to protect the kingdom from its enemies, govern the skies and natural world and have power over fate itself.

Soap as you've never seen it before!

Painstakingly cast in two parts. The white relief is an unscented soap, hardened with a touch of beeswax to give longevity through use to the classical detailing. While the rich body of these soaps is made using Rowse honey, giving it excellent qualities to calmly clean and moisturise.

Gently perfumed with Eucalyptus.

A herbal blend of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves. A fresh and strong eucalyptus fragrance with a slightly herbal and clean background with notes of thyme and menthol.

One box contains 2 x 60gm bars of soap.

Choose between the Norwegian Rose (Pink) or Malachite (Green) boxes in the drop down menu.

Made by hand in London.


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