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The Bible of British Taste: Issue no. 2

The Bible of British Taste: Issue no. 2

By Ruth Guilding

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Writing by Celia Paul, Susan Owens, Christopher Woodward, Judith Watt, A.N. Wilson, Peter York, Henrietta Rous, Rupert White, Stephen Calloway, Sean Kettringham, 
House and garden: Badminton, Lyonesse and London
Beaux Arts:  Celia Paul in Venice , Andy Warhol-ic in Hackney, 
Origin stories: the beginnings of Boss Morris
Castle creeping with Rex Whistler
The importance of ‘being’ ‘Bloomsbury
John Michell, magus, the Rolling Stones, menhirs, magic and the OLD STONES of Cornwall
Dirty and Lived-In, Dennis Severs and 'histoire totale' in Spitalfields
Sir Roy Strong - a man for all seasons
How fashion became the ‘f’ word
Homage to Ossie, Ossie Clark meets Chateau Orlando
The Peter York essay: Fairisle style
Edited and designed by: bibleofbritishtaste, Luke Edward Hall and Jack Henshall
With photography by Howard Sooley, Luke Edward Hall, bibleofbritshtaste, Linda McCartney

Founded and edited by Ruth Guilding of The Bible of British Taste. 

100 pages. Dimensions: 28cm x 21cm.

Printed in London.

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