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Sweet Heart - Appliqué Cushion

Sweet Heart - Appliqué Cushion

By Marion Elliot

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This brightly coloured felt applique cushion by Marion Elliot is a joy to behold.

Hand embroidered and appliquéd onto felt.

The term appliqué is derived from French and Latin words appliquer and applicare, respectively, which both mean to join or attach. Like embroidery, it has a humble beginning. The technique was used as a way to strengthen worn areas of items or to patch holes that had formed. As time went on, it became a creative outlet for cultures around the world.

Appliqué dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians and is seen on their clothing as well as household items. In this way, it fulfills the original intention of the practice. The Middle Ages, however, demonstrate how the approach shifts. It was seen on banners for churches as well as ceremonial costumes. This decorative use continues into the 18th and 19th centuries on the likes of clothing and quilting.

Dimensions: Height 40cm, Length 40cm

Made from felt with a 100% cotton backing with a feather insert. 

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