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See All This Magzine

See All This Magzine

By WhiteCirc Ltd

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See All This - Winter 2023

The new winter issue of See All This will be published on December 8 with the theme: 'Make yourself a home'. A double edition about the meaning of home, made in collaboration with the acclaimed Indian architect and artist Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai. We explore the theme with artists, writers, travelers and architects who understand the value of a place of their own. This issue takes you to the spectacular domains of Bijoy Jain and the iconic interiors of famous artists. It tells unique stories about the meaning of an intimate place like home, about life on the street, and life beyond national borders: how do you build a new life if you have had to leave your home? Finally, through the visual story about our connection with the cycle of the moon, we return to our original home: the womb.

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