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Traditional Fine Weave Basket - Medium

Traditional Fine Weave Basket - Medium

By The Basket Room

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Traditional Kenyan baskets, from The Basket Room. Intricately handwoven using the finest hand-twisted fibres. Using all natural dyes, the colour palette is organic, earthy and natural. The weavers boil tree bark and flowers with sisal fibres and even bury them with roots to achieve some colour tones. Each design is uniquely one off, produced by the weaver, giving her creative freedom. The weave is three times finer than the colourful fine weave baskets, making them incredibly soft and refined. By selling these baskets, we are thrilled to protect and encourage an incredible traditional skill set which is completely unique in the world, and was previously being forgotten.

H: 20cm - D: approx. 20cm

The Basket Room is an ethical home interiors brand inspired by fashion, creativity, and sustainability. A brand committed to empowering women in rural Africa while bringing consciously created products to modern living spaces and contemporary homes. It is a company almost a decade in the making.

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