You Can Take It With You #19

You Can Take It With You #19
You Can Take It With You #19

You Can Take It With You #19

By Emma Lipscombe
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Deeply immersed in design throughout her life via art, interiors, landscape and architecture, Emma Lipscombe's work fuses the hard-edged tangible absolute with the painterly.
Her interest lies in the confluence of geometric shape and colour, and in the transformative ritual of simplifying, sampling, re-mixing and re-working.
Utilising skills honed in her work as a Landscape Architect on projects as far afield as London, Thailand and Beirut, Lipscombe's works bring together a designer's eye for order and scale with the artist's rich understanding of colour and luminosity.
All is not as it seems upon closer inspection of Emmas work. Cleverly composed of individually cut coloured pieces of painted timber, each lusciously layered with richly coloured and textured oil paint, she uses the grain of the brush strokes to add an extra dimension to her clean geometrically arranged works. A modern day painterly parquetry.
Dimensions: 31cm x 31cm

Oil on board.

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