Grand Budapest…

I’m afraid it’s a very short post today. So, I am sorry to upset your routine… but I’m on the road for work after a lovely weekend with Mum & Dad, and staying with my friends Kim & Pip this evening (who I haven’t seen for ages) and I know the last thing I’m going to want to do is creep off and pen a blog. So tomorrow, I’m very excited… I get back to London after several rather manic meetings at about 6pm and hope to be home, traffic allowing, in time to meet our little trip from the office to see… The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I can’t wait! Will report back.

And more blog happenings in due course. Spring is here, exciting times at the moment. I think my only real comment for right now is… can you believe how quickly the weeks come by?

grand-budapest-hotelWes, we love you!!!

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