Hello Sibyl…

Oh golly, this has been one of those incredibly happy weekends that come once in a blue moon.  You know what I mean?

Sibyl our new corgi was arriving.  Charlie had been wanting to buy a corgi for as long as Mavis had been with us, if not longer.  It had been rather dispiriting finding a puppy.  As many of you will know, corgis are on the endangered breeds list and there are just not many about. Two weekends ago, in the pouring rain of a sodden Saturday, Charlie had found a corgi litter just posted by a lady near Manchester.

So – I’d been in Dorset for a couple of days, home alone with Mavis… having a nice but busy time working.  Here is Mavis on a site visit with me.On Friday, Mum & Dad had a drinks party at their new flat (one of these days I must blog about their new flat).  Charlie, meanwhile, was heading up early to Macclesfield to collect SIBYL.  

After a long drive, he arrived back at Mum and Dad’s that afternoon.  Here’s Sibyl…

and here is the face of happiness: But then we got home.

And, most importantly, Mavis and Sibyl met for the first time.  Which was actually completely fine.

That’s another face of happiness…

We had such a good afternoon at home. That evening, it was our friend Christine’s book launch down in Burton Bradstock. And then we were home to the kids and an early night, all of which went, literally, without a whimper.

Glorious sunshine on Saturday.  We had an early start to Bridport Market, and breakfast at Soulshine.  When we got home, Mum and Dad came round for lunch.

There was warmth in the sunshine. Despite the biting cold wind, it feels like spring is coming.

We took Mavis to the lake for her swim.

Snowdrops are on their way out, celandines in.  Signs of spring again.

A beautiful evening. We were heading to Chris and Caddy’s for a Sibyl viewing as the sun went down.
(sneak glimpse into Caddy’s beautiful glasshouse, filled with seedlings).

This morning, a freezing walk in clear crisp sunshine. The countryside has gone brown in the dry icy cold.

And then a lot of sitting around on the sofa….


A lot of people had been rather worried on Mavis’s behalf.

It turns out that they are making good friends already. Even Henry (our cat) is pretty happy with the new member of the family.  Although Sibyl does have a naughty trick of creeping up on Mavis and biting her tail with her very sharp small teeth.

Everyone gets a bit tired after so much fun and games.

Another beautiful sunset.  It’s still light at six, now.  It’s amazing how the balance tips at this time of year isn’t it?

Too much, right?

This evening, everyone is flat out again.

For those who are wondering, Sibyl is a Welsh Pembrokeshire corgi.  And she won’t stay grey or have blue eyes for very long, which is of course rather sad.

She has got a LOT of character, warned Vicky, when we chose her.  She’s right!!  So, so much fun.  But I have a feeling she’s going to be trouble…. of the best kind.

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