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I think I wrote in my last blog, about Lisbon, how a hidden purpose of travelling to new places is to realise how much you love the familiar.  A couple of weeks have flown by since we were back, and I don’t know if it is just me, or is this one of the most beautiful autumns we have seen in England in rather a while?  The air seems soft and still warm, the trees have held their leaves, which are turning the most incredible colour, and there have been foggy mornings and misty days to die for.

Last weekend we had an unexpected part weekend in London. I was meant to be staying in Suffolk after a project meeting up there, but at the last minute it was cancelled and I found myself carrying my bags back down on the train to London that evening. Charlie, meanwhile, had popped up for one night for a last-minute birthday party. So we both found ourselves unexpectedly at home in London. C was meant to be heading back incredibly early the next morning but I successfully hijacked his plans. We had the nicest time, breakfast in Clerkenwell, then pottering through the Lloyd-Baker Estate to Islington, having a long afternoon in the Duke of Cambridge pub with Bridie, putting the entire world to rights, and generally realising that at this time of year, London is about the most beautiful city in the world.

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This weekend we have been back down in Dorset. We’d had a fun week, and an exciting one, with The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visiting Poundbury… The Queen was opening the main square on Thursday. All went without a hitch, but everyone was a bit tired the next day. Quiet times were called for.

The weather continues to be serene. As I say, I can’t remember a more still and beautiful Autumn. Charlie has been going crazy planting fine yew hedges to enclose the upper garden. The dahlias are still flowering, and the veg garden is still full of salad.

We did virtually nothing; yesterday, an early morning trip to Bridport Market, and then my brother, sister-in-law and niece came over for a long lunch to introduce Mavis to Monty, their new labrador puppy (which featured heavily on instagram but I forgot to pull my camera out, apologies)… and then we had an evening of visiting neighbours in the valley and back to Bridport for a fabulous birthday party for Rose, who owns brilliant Bridport Old Books.  I spent the better part of the whole of this morning recovering, if I’m honest…

Sorry if the photos are a bit fuzzy, like my brain was.  Camera settings went mad.  But hopefully you can get the gist.p1060654

p1060655 p1060657 p1060659 p1060667 p1060669 p1060670 p1060674 p1060675 p1060677 p1060678 p1060679 p1060680 p1060682 p1060683 p1060687 p1060688 p1060689 p1060694 p1060697 p1060701 p1060709 p1060710 p1060713I can’t believe, quite, how the weeks are tumbling towards Christmas – where did October go?  And having been extolling the virtues of home, Charlie and I are off to New York on Friday, which is very exciting, and especially to have a whole few days to catch up properly with Valentina. It will be great to be back in the city I love so much; albeit a strange, somewhat crazy week to be in America. I will report back!

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