I know exactly where I’d rather be right now…

I love my job, but I have just spent the last couple of hours arranging and re-arranging the new stock of blankets Eleanor Pritchard has bought in, and at the moment, I would much much rather be at home curled up in one of these. With a fire, cheese on toast and a really good book.


All of Eleanor’s work is woven in Wales in a small traditional mill, using the best British wool available to her.


Her range of designs are very chic, there’s something very classic about them (someone’s been raiding the pattern books at the V&A? Possibly?) and by jolly I bet they are warm! Folded over the back of the sofa, or as they are intended, on the bed with the matching cushions. Beautiful. Toasty.


Now, I am going to choose  the one I am taking home and then count down the minutes until I can take it there…..

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