Into Winter

Nothing’s really been happening – which is nice: a moment of peace before we tip headlong into Christmas. I got sick momentarily, cancelled meetings and went to bed for a day and listened to back editions of Desert Island Discs. The weather suddenly turned.  We’ve had some chilled days down in Dorset – not the heaviest frosts yet but still raw, with a biting northerly wind. I love this moment when the leaves have finally blown. Not much is more beautiful than the shape of leafless trees in winter.

Charlie’s been planting tulip bulbs.  As readers of the blog will know, he doesn’t do things in halves. This is a trench of mixed bulbs that he’s put into the veg garden. 

Freezing and backbreaking work. 

But it will be worth it. I can’t wait until spring. That’s what I love about gardening. It’s endlessly looking forward. Do you know any gardener who isn’t an optimistic person?

Bulbs all put to bed.

The nasturtiums have been frosted off at last.

A rare view of our kitchen yard in the watery sunshine.

Trays of wallflowers ready to be potted up.

Winter light.

The geraniums are in the bay window for the winter.

Last light. One of my favourite moments of the year.I’ve got the craziest week coming up – two days in London, then to Warwick, Newcastle and Edinburgh for work. And on Thursday Charlie and Mavis are driving up to Edinburgh (Mavis is booked in to our hotel for the night) and on Friday we are off to the Landmark Trust Pineapple for the weekend. We can’t wait!

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