Moving pictures

Well, apologies for such brief postings; I can at last download photos again! And in the middle of Olympic-silent London, this weekend, I have moved. It was a fun if slightly exhausting day – if I’m entirely honest, a lot more exhausting for Chris, Darren and Doug from the brilliant A Van Man (who do all our removals for the shop, should you ever need a recommendation) than it was for me.

Everything went well. There was a slightly scary moment when we had to bring the sofa in over scaffold at the back of the building…it wouldn’t fit up the stairs (know the feeling?)… but it just about happened. (If you are from the Health & Safety executive, please turn away now… only, of course, after having purchased a letterpress printed Health & Safety poster).

The funny thing about moving is seeing your old place suddenly turning from calm to chaos and the new place moving a lot more slowly from chaos to calm. By yesterday afternoon I’d hung about half the pictures and generally settled in. The light is amazing, and the sense of space is placid indeed.  Now, slowly, I’ll be thinking about what happens next. Dove grey hessian wallpaper, anyone? Olive green curtains? Soft pink slip cover on the Bloomsbury armchair?  I wonder what you think…?  Watch this space (and you saw it here first)!



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