Old and New: Berlin Spring

Sorry (to regular readers) for not posting for a little while. Not just because we wanted to join Princess Anne in admiring her rowers… not only that… but also because it’s just been one of those pretty busy times.

A couple of weeks ago the architecture office made a quick trip to Berlin. We’ve had such a busy last year that this was a small way of saying thanks to every one who has worked so hard. We were met by beautiful spring sunshine. Berlin at her best. I spent the days getting lost in Mitte. I don’t know about you… I love Berlin. The city is a bit like some steely grey relative who you are always somewhat fearful of going to stay with, but remember why you love them so much as soon as you arrive.

A highlight was the newly opened Neues Museum and its extraordinary transformation by David Chipperfield. The quality of work is incredible—almost unbelievable until, a few hours later, I came across a small building site for a basic new apartment building on Linienstrasse. Have you ever seen such a tidy site? No you have not. Welcome to Germany.

And alongside the great classical set pieces, I have as much pleasure in finding a ‘Gipsy Restaurant’ on a vacant lot, or wandering the places and streets not yet done up.  It is hard to make old and new sit as comfortable neighbours. Berlin knows how.

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