Spring turning…

I was sitting at my drawing board this afternoon, in Dorset, having dropped off my friends Tom, Maisie, Moss and Vera at the station. And I suddenly realised something. It was 5.15 and still light. When did that happen? It wasn’t long ago that it was pitch dark at 5.15. In the blink of an eye…don’t you get that feeling that a cold, wet winter might at last be passing?

It was the quietest weekend.  We did nothing at all.  Well, a walk to the lake:

followed by an afternoon curled up on an armchair watching Robin Hood (1938 version)

while I planted out broad beans in the veg garden.

Out in the garden, yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help feeling that spring is around the corner.

And that was that.

(Phew. A lot simpler than Gay Marriage).

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