Subliminal power

I had an extraordinary day today.  I know that I said, at the end of the last blog, that normal service will resume next week – and I am sure it will. But in the meantime, can I share a few photographs of something more inspiring than I’ve seen in a long time?  I happened to have a chance to visit a 1960s power station that is potentially to be decommissioned. Have you seen anything more strangely beautiful, and impressive, in a very long time? In a word – no, you have not.

The control room

The turbine hall


One of the cranes

Small repairs machine shop

Abrasive Wheel regulations 1970


To cap it all, I was taken home for lunch by the person who’d fixed the tour. “Wow”, I said, walking in. “who designed this?” “Hicks”, came the reply. Untouched interiors, and some of the most beautiful rooms I have seen in my life. From the sublime, to the even more sublime. I love days like this. Only in England.

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