The Broadwey & Upwey Spring Show

It was the weekend of the Broadwey & Upwey Spring show… the first spring show that Charlie has ever entered. I think he was up and about at 4 or 5ish on Saturday morning, getting ready such treats as this….

Or this beautiful Amaryllis, which was meant to be out in time for Christmas but did a late showing – just in time for the Broadwey Spring show. 

I had a quick whizz around the garden that morning before we set off to set up Charlie’s entries.  It was a beautiful morning, so reminiscent of those incredible spring days in the fearful, fretful, frantic early weeks of Lockdown, two years ago to the week. 

The primroses are wonderful on the bank this year.  The scent is incredible.

And then we were off.  Here’s Charlie, setting up one of the early entries…

The hall was slowly filling up with the results of several months’ dedication. 

Mark Read’s exceptional daffodil entries. 

Mark is a champion daffodil grower. In fact a champion of many things.  Rest in Peace Mark’s father, Pete Read, who had been involved with Dorset horticulture and showing over his very long life, and who sadly passed away in January this year.  The spirit lives on.  Mark’s perfect blooms. 

Charlie’s mixed bunch….Setting the displays is an art in itself. 

Camelia entries. 

Quiet inspection amongst those who have entered.

Here’s Bill Howarth, a veteran grower and exhibitor who regular readers of this blog will recognise. Bill turned 88 this year – exhibiting for seventy years.

We went home… astonishing sunshine…

Charlie’s beds ready for spring. A quick walk around the top with the dogs…

Spring is the in the air of the hedgerows and lanes. 

The lake was clear and breezy….

Then back to see how we’d done. The face of trepidation….


That he’d won a lot of daffodil classes. The first time he’d ever entered! 


The doors opened, the organisers of the show settled in for a well-earned tea and cake. 

Second in chitted potatoes. 

First in Amaryllis! I put this photograph on instagram and it turns out its owner is a follower! Here is Bomber Harris (that’s the Bedlington Terrier!). 

Yes – Mark Read’s beautiful white daffodil is best bloom in show. One of Charlie’s firsts…. Bill and Ruth – Bill’s astonishing results surprising no-one. 

Another of Charlie’s firsts!  We went for a little walk around Upwey. This was the village that I grew up in, back in the 70s.  So nice to have a trip around memory lane.  Our house. The windows weren’t quite that bright yellow when we lived here, but maybe there’s a reason our windows in Scotland are yellow? 

Mark and Charlie…. And Charlie & Sarah Studley, our old neighbour, great friend of Mum’s and Dad’s…. who came over to say hello! 

Inevitable photographs….

Charlie and Ruth….

Bill’s car wins best in show. 

I love this sign. 

And with that, the day was over; home, tired, early to bed. Today, I’ve been in London, in the soft spring sunshine, for a terribly sad memorial service for an old friend, Katie Roma Backhouse, stalwart of Bloomsbury. Farewell, Roma – we miss you so much.

There is something so eternally powerful about the village flower show. Of course, Upwey is on a slightly different level than some, but the dedication, and the calm, impressive quality is clear for all to see.  For a brief minute, we are transported into a world that is happy, and timeless, and plays by the rules…. a beautiful and much-needed respite to the relentless world outside.


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