Winter evenings

Am I alone in being happy for winter afternoons drawing rapidly to dark evenings?  The weekend has been wet, grey and cold. It was my birthday yesterday… a delicious dinner cooked by my friend Mo and eaten in happy company with best friends.

Today: brief glimmers of pale sunshine mean dashes in to the garden to complete planting in the herbaceous border, or putting in some of the several thousand tulip bulbs that I seem to have ordered (warning: note to self: never have a couple of glasses of wine and then start ordering tulips bulbs on the internet); in between sharp, stinging wet showers that meant I never quite felt like digging out the dahlias – a rather urgent task now that the frosts are setting in.

All the better a day, then, to curl up all afternoon in front of the fire, with the radio, a mug of tea, this week’s Private Eye and my book, the new Jonathan Franzen.

I wish! I actually spent most of the day working. But I did take a photo of the fire and the sofa. Neatly encapsulating the difference, I suppose, between ‘Lifestyle’ and REALITY…

We are all welcome to dream.

I hope you have had a quiet, snug, relaxing weekend.Winterevenings1Winterevenings2Winterevenings3Winterevenings4

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