First Frost

It’s a very short blog this week. And late. Apologies!

Do you know why? Because our internet is down in Dorset. Complete bliss. I didn’t so much as  up my phone for 48 hours. No emails from clients to bother me. And in fact, you realise QUITE how much time you can waste checking your instagram, or wondering what the weather will in London in 5 days time.

So I’m just snatching a moment at the end of a meeting down here in Dorchester to pop a few photos of the garden on the blog. First frost moment – light on Sunday morning; even stronger this morning.  It really is one of my favourite time of year.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice we’ve lost our lawn.  The other day, Charlie sent me a photo… “I’ve made a bit more space for flowers, B” came the text message. You can see the results here. Bonkers. It’s going to be stunning. I think he needed to make room for the 8000 tulip bulbs he’s ordered….


P1050316 P1050324 P1050325 P1050349 P1050350


(that’s about 1/3 of them).

P1050392 P1050395 P1050397 P1050401 P1050402 P1050403 P1050405 P1050406 P1050412 P1050417

It feels like we are slipping so fast towards Christmas. In just a few weeks Charlie and I will be off to New Zealand. We can’t wait!

In the meantime, do please have a good little browse around the website – we are working around the clock to deal with internet orders at the moment. We’re rather proud to say that trade has never been better. THANK YOU!

And should you find yourselves in London we’d love to see you soon. Charlie’s doing an amazing Christmas window very soon (I will hope to post photographs as soon as it’s complete) and if you are in town on Wednesday 2nd December, the traders of Lambs Conduit and Rugby Streets would love to see you for our Christmas Party! We’ll all be there…. together with Max the Poodle in his Kissing Boot, and more mulled wine and mince pies than you can imagine.
Layout 1Ho ho ho!  When did you last get invited to a seven and a half hour long party?

(oh, and don’t you love a short blog?! Even if it is late).

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