Fleeting moments…

I thought I’d put up a little mid-week post, before we forget it, of the beautiful window that Charlie has done for the shop this week. It’s Chelsea Flower Show and London is going Chelsea Flower show mad, of course… Bridie and Charlie included.

We have our very own woodland border of Foxgloves, lupins, apple trees and moss.

Not to mention Bridie’s amazing, giant decoupage platters which you can find adorning Charlie’s old Plant stand or here…!

P1110840 P1110812

P1110814 P1110817 P1110821 P1110820P1110842

I’m afraid that tomorrow morning the plants make their way to Dorset, to the garden, so it really is a fleeting moment.  Pop by the shop today if you can!

Finally, crazy photo for the week.  Charlie and I found ourselves yesterday invited to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party which is a very wonderful affair and WOULD have been the most perfect blog post EVER….. if photography wasn’t strictly forbidden.

You will be glad that I couldn’t resist this snap of the Queen’s corgis coming back in after their walk. You couldn’t really make it up!


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