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It was a magical weekend in Dorset two weeks ago - sunshine and showers, but springlike days.  I have read a brilliant description of this time of year - the 'false spring'. We know what this means. One day of sunshine at the moment and we are tricked into thinking winter is over for good, but we all, in our bones, know that's not quite true.

Still, on days like today, it's nice to pretend.
The familiar round - who can imagine how many thousands of times now that Charlie and I have done this walk.  Yet every day is somehow different.

In the garden, early primroses. And then crocuses, too. And then we were up to Scotland. At last!  it had been a long time...
We went for a walk after we'd settled in - amazing soft light and still air.
That's our water supply, as I think regular readers of the blog will know. Lunch. Dusk falling.
Another long walk the next day, down to the end of the peninsula. . Sunset that evening.  An amazing light.
And perfectly still air the following morning.
Blanket cape fashion shoot with Charlie's old Girl Guide blanket, from the 1970s, found in a junk shop in Dorset. And yesterday, we had to tear ourselves away after a few days in heaven.

I'm over in Edinburgh now - where I've been spending a few days - working with the team on the next phases of the Tornagrain New Town, and also spending some time in the university - giving a talk this evening, and visiting tomorrow. It's wonderful to be back in the Uni, 30 years since I left. 1994-2024. How time flies!  The world changes, but the really important things stay exactly the same.


Oh how I love your Blog Ben ! I constantly return to them – making me long for my beautiful England. The Bothy in Scotland is enviable and I love to dwell on your romantic hideaway. I am always talking about your amazing Tornagrain and Poundbury. Stay happy. Christine


I never tire of the Dorset walk photos and the Scotland one is becoming familiar as well. Lucky you.


What a glorious look at these beautiful isles… from a London Armchair

Heather Kossow

Such a cool place.

Kath Maire

Just idyllic…..


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