Morning and Evening

A beautiful but freezing day. It is good to be curled up by the fire writing this. And even better this afternoon that the oil company – amazingly – brought an emergency delivery on the back of a 4 x 4 all the way from a depot in Devon. All the oil in Dorset has run out. So we can turn on some radiators again…(Disadvantages of remote villages in Dorset in snow, no. 1: running out of oil).

(Advantages: extreme beauty). The snow was stunning this morning and I took a wander around and about as the sun was rising. Then it was time to put up some decorations – mainly thanks to amazing Liz and Mandy, who run the beautiful walled garden next door. (If you like what you see, we will be taking orders for wreaths and garlands for the shop next Christmas – watch this space).

Mum and Dad arrived safe and sound. It ‘s very peaceful for a few more hours… my brother’s family come tomorrow!!  Happy Christmas all!

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