P&H Coronation Decorations 2023

It was this time a year ago we were beginning to think about taking down the Coronation Decorations that adorned our shop front for the week prior and the week after the King's coronation. 

It was an idea thought up in the pub (the Spread Eagle in Clerkenwell if you're wondering) back in mid-January by Ben when we'd met for post Christmas holiday catch up.

The next thing came a sketch and the project was handed over to me and my production team to figure out how we would make it work. We painted and made the decorations in my workshop around the corner from the shop.

We were introduced to and engaged the very able production manager Dean Slydell, who effortlessly seemed to pull everything together for us and made it fun. Installation was interesting. Two days out on the street overseeing the install, with a few abseilers moving up and down the building and telling us all sorts of abseiling secrets along the way (apparently they hate climbing). 

From time to time we thought we were mad, then we were worried that no one would like them and would vandalise them, and then we got frightened when it was costing a bit more than we'd imagained... But it was SO worth it! It was a wonderful cheery corner of the street and everyone seemed to love it. 
Our own P&H homage to so many incredible Coronation decorations in centuries past. 


Absolutely beautiful. I hope someone took pictures of the various decorations around town to show King Charles.

Sally Leonard

Magic 👑 Wish I could be there.

Kath Maire

In the 70’s & 80’s my aunt lived in West end of London (Pembroke Rd). I used to love visiting from small town Canada. My mom dragged me to most of the large cities in Europe. As a child you don’t appreciate it. But London was always my favourite of them all, I adored it. Sadly it is far removed from the London of my youth—-but thanks to you Ben, a little corner of it remains as it always was (and should be). GOD SAVE THE KING….and bless Ben 😊.

Laura Harrison

that was exceptionally inspiring ! ! !

erik sexton

Wonderful to see the whole, marvellous process—thank you!

Sian Hughes

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