Spring and a few of my favourite things.

Hay-fever has struck with a vengeance and the clocks jumped forward an hour last night – the final nails hammering the change of season into place in London,. There is a freshness and brightness (and a lot pollen) in the air that is unmistakably Spring.

I know I’m not alone in loving this time of year and I don’t think I need to go too deeply into the reasons why. Unlike Summer and Winter, where the changes over these two seasons are immense, Spring always makes me feel excited and optimistic. Autumn makes me feel much the same, although a little more reflective

I enjoy watching the seasons pass in my garden.  In three months time the seedlings that I am planting now will be plants spending all of their energy producing flowers/fruits/vegetables for Summer, and then spent by Autumn they’ll seed and begin to break down, returning to the soil for the shortest days of Winter.

Anyway, let’s not think so much about things finishing right now  and focus on things beginning. LIKE SPRING! For now Spring is my favourite time of year (this may change dependent on how the season goes) and as it is my favourite season, I want to list my five favourite things about it.

In no particular order they are:

1. Cowslips in my Garden

I planted a small cluster of Cowslips three years ago. They’ve naturalised and are looking good – at the moment I would say they are making me as happy as Daffodils do.



Cowslips I bought three years ago, naturalised and look’n good.


2. Vintage Jenaer Glaswerk Picnic Glasses

It’s the canework baskets that do it for me, just lovely. I’ve been watching these glasses on ebay for about two months and my finger hovers over the ‘Buy it now’ button every time I look at them. What’s stopping me? The fact there are only three. But I can taste the too strong Gin & Tonic they are holding and smell the freshly cut lawn I am drinking it on when I gaze at them.



I’m watching these on ebay.


3. Bright Light and Spring Cleaning

These go hand in hand. You look up one day and notice the windows are filthy, so you clean them, the room is brighter, you can see! There is no longer time for curling up and eating cheese and mashed potato, there is work to do. Rugs need beating, furniture needs re-arranging, mountains need moving!


4. A Quilt Project

Another spotting on ebay was this vintage patchwork quilt, I love vintage patchwork.

The industriousness of the women who made these at a time when nothing went to waste never fails to make me well up with pride and lament these lost times (although I quickly remember what dentistry must have been like and well up over how far we’ve come). The quilt I have pictured below was attributed to an African American so most probably originates from the early 19th century during the time of slavery. I would love to find out more.

The most beautiful quilt I think I have ever seen.



I am completely floored by the complexity of pattern and layout of colours not to mention the hours and endless hours of hand work that must have gone into it – remember these are scraps!

I like to think a group of women got together to make it, after long days work, providing a small opportunity to catch up  and take comfort in each other’s company while keeping the mind and hands busy.

I want to start making my own quilt this Spring and am going to use this as my inspiration. I’m not kidding myself, the pattern is going to be very simple, but the palette will be informed by this beautiful example and I will think of the women from the past who made theirs, while I make mine.

5. Longer Lighter Evenings

Gardening after work, sparking up the beloved BBQ , enjoying dinner or a drink outdoors with friends. I simply cannot wait for this. Especially since I have two very dear friends coming to stay and work with me for a month or so shortly.

Maybe that’s why I should buy the three Jenaer Glasses, for us to enjoy a well earned drink at the end of a long hard day’s work, in the garden by the cluster of Cowslips, perhaps with a little piece work to hand.



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