Sunday breakfast

What a promising start to the day. We’ve just finished our first breakfast in our newly decorated conservatory, on our new table, sitting on our new chairs, using the new tray and drinking coffee out of our new/old china set. It’s a really good feeling!

It’s taken so long to get this room together, it’s so pleasing it’s finally working. All I have left to do is artfully arrange the books & objects in the shelves and put up the wall sconces, then it will be fit for a blog of it’s own. Before and after pictures, sourcing & everything.

No time today, first I’m sowing some vegetable seeds then off to the shop to help hang the ‘Theatre Britannica’ exhibition with Ed Kluz and Robin, after that walking to the Southbank for a late lunch/early dinner with Alannah.

Tomorrow I will be finishing off the latest batch of increasingly popular Jubilee plates and making up the first “Scholars Set” of platonic solids to become a part of my Grand Tour Collection. After a repeat of this mornings breakfast no doubt, maybe bacon instead of porridge.

Have a relaxing Bank holiday.




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