Wool you look what's back in stock?

Our exclusive range of colourful, reversible rugs are back in stock!

Designed by P&H and made in collaboration with Shame Studio's, these wool yarn rugs have been hand spun and dyed, using the traditional method on a jacquard loom. This technique makes it possible to create the detailed borders and clean vertical joins, which also means the rugs are reversible. Two rugs for the price of one!

The lanolin rich New Zealand wool makes for a beautiful and durable rug, that will only improve with age. This lanolin also affords the rug a level of natural stain resistance and providing its signature softness and sheen.

Ethically certified by Label Step and produced using the best practices for low environmental impact and fair trading. Order yours today!

We are offering free returns on rugs ordered, if when received, they don't quite fit the required vibe - hard to imagine.

Click here to explore the range. 

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