Our Values

  • We believe in beautifully made products that are inspired by history, and which will stand the test of time…. 
  • We hate the seasonal culture of so much interior decoration, which treats rooms as if they are throw away fashion. The best interiors are forever and evolve gently over time!
  • We promote small makers and designers, we believe in made by hand, craft, and in things well made by talented people in factories.  And we really believe in made in Britain, wherever possible, both to support our wonderful industrial talent and to reduce unnecessary shipping.  Things can often be made cheaper elsewhere – but at what true cost?
  • We believe in a fair deal for all our makers and suppliers – often nurturing companies from small beginnings and watching them grow too!
  • We believe in the long term. Our wonderful little shop has been at the centre of the London design world for 12 years and counting, and the older we get the more mature our vision, like a good wine or cheese.
  • We love our little street, and our shop. For us, the best things in life aren’t virtual.
  • We believe in things that are unique.  In the world of Pinterest and Instagram, products rush around the world in seconds. That’s why we love to design so many things ourselves, and make them ourselves, because it keeps us happy and keeps our shop special. Designing and commissioning things ourselves has become one of our defining missions.
  • We believe that life is fun!  It’s easy to feel despondent about a world in which we are surrounded by so many problems that are bigger than one person can ever think of solving.  This is all true, but we also take great pleasure in the fun of life – the happiness, the laughter, the beauty and the joy – which can all too easy to forget.
  • We’re inspired by so many ideas, so many people – we believe in equality, and above all we believe in love!
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