Getting lost in Siena…

After my previous post, you might have thought I had an ulterior motive for getting lost in Siena. But no, this time, I am afraid, the visit was all about streets and buildings. On Thursday evening we went in for a walk, a drink and then supper—not least to show beautiful Siena to our friend Adam’s friend Sarah, who was staying in Tuscany for the first time.

After we had walked up to the Duomo together, seeing familiar sights along the way, we split up and I wandered off to an area to the south west that I’d never been to before. Tight dark streets suddenly opened up to an astounding vista across open country, where the backs of apartments and townhouses have extraordinary arcaded windows to take advantage of the view.

I suppose the thing about Siena is it is never very easy to get lost, as all roads lead back to the Campo, but it was a fantastic hour in what is one of my favourite cities on earth.

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