Pictures without words

We’re back!  I hope you haven’t missed the blog too much.  (I haven’t… heheh).

What can you write about New Zealand?  We saw so much, did so much, met so many wonderful people, saw so many beautiful landscapes… that it is impossible to write anything without sounding like a cliche, or the opening paragraphs of a guide book. Which is not where we are at.

If you don’t mind, then, the blog this week is one hundred pictures without words. Few words are needed, after all. It was an amazing trip, and those who I need to thank – for being so kind , so generous – know exactly who they are.

But I do want to thank Charlie, for being there. And, let’s face it, after all, for being from there – to a land I can’t wait to discover for the rest of my life, but would never have been to otherwise.


P1090030 P1090038 P1090053 P1090065 P1090103 P1090193 P1090230 P1090235 P1090253 P1090262 P1090269 P1090272 P1090286 P1090294 P1090307 P1090318 P1090320 P1090323 P1090337 P1090342 P1090374 P1090386 P1090408 P1090439 P1090452 P1090457 P1090462 P1090467 P1090476 P1090478 P1090483 P1090513 P1090515 P1090517 P1090527 P1090530 P1090544 P1090553 P1090572 P1090576 P1090588 P1090616 P1090618 P1090623 P1090629 P1090635 P1090650 P1090656 P1090719 P1090720 P1090725 P1090729 P1090744 P1090753 P1090755 P1090756 P1090766 P1090773 P1090780 P1090838 P1090880 P1090934 P1090938 P1100014 P1100035 P1100058 P1100061 P1100069 P1100125 P1100131 P1100137 P1100140 P1100141 P1100150 P1100181 P1100270 P1100291 P1100303 P1100313 P1100439 P1100515 P1100580 P1100632 P1100659 P1100716 P1100719 P1100721 P1100734 P1100842 P1100845 P1100849 P1100854 P1100864 P1100869 P1100878 P1100920 We came back via sunny Sydney – as the last half dozen pictures will tell you – which was a wonderful day of discoveries all of their own. But now, as the southern hemisphere is slipping into Autumn, nights growing longer, evenings darker, here we are – having had the most magical weekend in Dorset, in the week where spring has all the promise of early summer, and of happy times ahead. It was amazing to be away, and it’s wonderful to be back.

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