A reason for Lunching

I came across this simple lunch idea a little while ago through Esther Walker’s twitter site, she writes the rather witty Recipe Rifle, which makes me laugh quite a bit and I do admire the manner in which she writes. Since starting this blogging I’ve begun to take notice of peoples writing ‘voices’. I’m not confident I’ve found mine yet but am sure with persistence I WILL FIND IT and life will be marginally better or at least blogs will be easier to write.

Anyway, a reason for taking a little break out of the day today was to put this little doozey together. I don’t know where Esther got this idea from, she just had a picture with a brief description (being twittter and a tweet, duh) or if I’m even making it properly but it works and it’s DELICIOUS.


Toasted Sourdough with Lumpfish Caviar & Yoghurt.

Take a couple of pieces of Sourdough bread, rub with a little raw garlic and toast. Once toasted spread with greek yoghurt then lumpfish caviar. Top with chopped parsley and a dash of olive oil and lemon juice. Hey Presto….lunch. Two slices of this with a little snappy salad set me up finely for the rest of the day.







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