We’re feeling it because we’ve reached the end of a mammoth weekend of watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee footage on T.V. Deciding, due to the poor weather, not to leave the house in search of bunting, hordes and beacons but taking the same approach we take to Christmas (if we don’t leave the country) and fill the stores, invite friends around, cook endlessly, eat endlessly, drink gin cocktails inappropriately early, fall asleep at the table, wake up to repeat the process all the while keeping up with the Royals on the telly. They wore us out! We can’t imagine how they must be feeling, I can’t help but feel Prince Philip had it sown up when it came to getting his Hall pass.

Although we were holed up we did not stop making things all weekend long….

Rose made the best newspaper papal hats we’ve seen.


Belinda regaled us with the most patriotic of sponge cakes (yes that is a watermelon in the background, we have a rather spontaneous approach to events like this ).


And I made some Chicken pie love – finally getting using my Pie Bird!


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