Taste is the common sense of Genius


I found a few unlikely things caught my eye that surprised me last week.

On Wednesday we went to newly reopened ‘The Quality Chop House’ in Clerkenwell for dinner. The staff were completely charming and very good looking as they all seem to be these days (or is that what getting older does to you? Failing vision?). The set menu was good as were the wine matches, the £170 bill for two was pretty choppy, this was down to the wine by the glass per course, a bit off putting for a bite to eat on the way home from work on a Wednesday. It’s Nandos next time. The reason I wanted to go there was the interior, it has one of those Pie & Mash Shop interiors, all booths with punishing bench seats, lovely wooden panelling, cream paintwork, black & white checker board floors with a bit of brass thrown around for good measure. Totally up my street. What surprised me was that I was quite taken by the cut glass tealight holder that was on our table. So taken I had to take a picture of it. 


Looking at it now, maybe the lack of light and the pair of sexy silver Salt & Pepper Mills were bringing it up a bit? I’m can’t quite believe myself when I say that I like it. But I do! A cut glass tealight holder – whatever next?


Michael Stubbs, ‘Virus Drawing #34’, 2009, vinyl and ink on watercolour on paper


On Thursday night we went to the opening of Mike Stubbs latest exhibition of drawings at the Cass Gallery on Whitechapel High Street, which I thoroughly recommend going to see. Afterwards we went for a drink and caught up with some friends. One of which was rocking this Shearling Jacket, Pink Shirt, School Tie combo, which again, I was completely taken with. See for yourself.




Do you see what I mean? Totally works. Is this surprising?

The third surprise of the week was when I was watching Murder Mystery Solving Duo Rosemary & Thyme (I’m not even embarrassed about it), there was a scene where they were in the most beautiful garden, it looked a lot like Rosemary Verey’s garden at Barnsley House but it wasn’t, filled with clusters of pink Dahlias, so I ordered 100 pink dahlia bulbs and now I can’t wait for the sun to come out and begin planning where to put them in my garden.

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