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Bay & Rosemary Caesar Soap - NERO

Bay & Rosemary Caesar Soap - NERO

By Bridie Hall

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Bay & Rosemary Caesar Soaps.

Caesar shaped soaps, the likes of which you've never seen before!

For everyday use in the cloakroom, shower and bath. A perfect sized and shaped weekend guest soap.

For giving to your host or for receiving as a guest. Make sharing dry and cracked old communal bars of mystery soap with friends and strangers a thing of the past! 

Enjoy a gently moisturising vegetable-based soap subtly perfumed with Bay & Rosemary, an unarguably imperial classical fragrance .

During their time, the emperors of Ancient Rome were the most powerful people in the known world.

In its earliest years Rome was ruled by kings, some of these kings treated their people very badly indeed and in 509BCE they were driven out and replaced by a ruling council called the senate.

In 45BC Julius Caesar took control of Rome and his son Augustus became the first emperor. The emperors ruled Rome from 27BC until the end of the empire in 476AD.

Some emperors were hard working people who cared for their subjects but then there were brutal tyrants who are remembered to this day for their cruelty. Whoever they were and whatever they did, now you can wash them away with the day. 

Dimensions: Height 10cm x Width 8cm. 50gms (1.7oz.)

Packed simply in a cellophane envelope with a card back.

Made by hand in London

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