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'Honeysuckle' Cream/Chocolate Cushion - Cornubia Collection

'Honeysuckle' Cream/Chocolate Cushion - Cornubia Collection

By Pentreath & Hall

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Cornubia is the second collaboration between Morris & Co. and renowned architect and interior designer, Ben Pentreath. Referring to its Cornish origins, Cornubia conveys a vibrant story of spring and summer, sharing the unequivocal joy of familiarity, of sights, sounds, patterns, and places, and of experiences and being together. This collection is an interpretation of memories.

Ben says, “I was keen to develop a range that had a different mood and atmosphere to Queen Square – perhaps sunnier and brighter. I began, therefore, with a whole new palette – colours which are on my mind at the moment: tangerine, lemon yellow, primrose, soft pinks, blues and bright apple greens – the colours of spring and summer. As we translated these new combinations into the historic patterns, there was a visible thrill in seeing how new and happy everything looked and felt! I was like a child in a candy store. Maybe intentional, maybe accidental, but these were the colours and patterns of my mid 70s childhood all over again.”

"In developing this new collection, as with Queen Square, there are two simultaneous excitements. The first is taking timeless and much-loved classics and casting them in a new light with new colours and combinations and the second is in reviving old patterns that haven't seen the light of day for too long. Of particular interest in the Cornubia collection is the re-release of two large scale patterns that haven't been in production by Morris & Co. for decades - Merton (formerly Eden) and Woodland Weeds." - Ben Pentreath

51% Cotton, 49% Linen with a soft feather insert.

Dimensions: 55cm x 55cm

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