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MacGuffin - 12 - The Log

MacGuffin - 12 - The Log

By Central Books

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"MacGuffin is a biannual magazine dedicated to the ubiquitous and oft-overlooked objects around us. No. 10 celebrates the humble bottle, with its myriad designs and uses, alongside wider conversations about the stuff that goes inside.

In this issue:

"‘The Log’ takes a walk in the woods to explore the design and politics of timber. From the last Norwegian trunks that floated down the Glomma to the indigenous logs that help map the Amazon, and from Jamaican lacebark trees to online chatbots, meet the logs that function as totems, design tools, oracles, wormholes, comic figures, activist artworks, village idiots, prison cells, logbooks, nightmares, and dreams. With contributions by James Beckett, José Bessa Freire, Khaled Jarrar, Emily King, Eliot Haworth, Rudy Guedj, Ellef Prestsæter, Olga Prader, Formafantasma, Santídio Pereira, SulSolSal, Max Lamb, Kai Lobjakas, Lou-Lou van Staaveren, and many, many more."

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