A blank canvas

But really what is on my mind at the moment is this. I am moving flat. Not very far; about 2 minutes up the road, to Queen Square… which will have the effect of tripling my commute; from a one minute walk to work, to three. (I think a good thing – you can in fact be too close to work).

I’ve been in my tiny flat on Great Ormond Street for 8 years now, and I love it. I wasn’t even thinking of moving. But when my friend Mo called me up to tell me about the upper flat that was coming up on the top floor of the building where she works, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, not only to have a bit more space, and a (tiny) spare bedroom, but also a roof terrace… Woohoo. Outside space in London.

And if you recall a posting I made some time ago, A tight fit, it is probably clear to you that things were getting a bit full up. Someone wise wrote in that comment section about my Fornasetti chest of drawers: “While your flat is marvelous, you will not be in it forever, and the chest will find a suitable home in some new Ben Abode”.  How prescient. Oh and how flattering… hehe.

At the moment I am debating paint colours. Hmmmmm. Why is it always much easier to pick for other people than yourself?  Questions like, do I want another pink sitting room in my life, or is it time for a change? I can’t quite decide. I suspect one or two readers will be happy to give me some advice!

But what’s really special about the new flat is the big room at the front, overlooking Queen Square. Here it is, taking shape. The whole place needed a bit of tender care, which is partly a case, at the moment, of creating quite a lot of mayhem before putting it all back as if nothing has happened.

A blank canvas can be an exciting thing. Watch this space!

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