Attention All Stationery Enthusiasts!

Passers-by have been stopping in their tracks outside the new window display of Tessa Fantoni Photo Albums, Box Files and Magazine Boxes. Those who’ve then come in have been heard muttering that it really is time to start getting organised, eyes glazed over no doubt fantasising about immaculate desk tops, pads of crisp white note paper, jars of freshly sharpened pencils and now Tessa Fantoni box files and magazine boxes.


We can’t believe our luck that our friends Rose and John Randle at the Whittington Press recommended us to Tessa to stock her beautiful wares. Here we are a couple of weeks later in possession of her unbelievably well crafted, absurdly tasteful boxes and albums and a little bit in love with Tessa.

Thirty odd years (sorry Tessa) in the book binding trade has given her an expert understanding of how the albums should be built. With guards on the spine edges to take the strain once photographs and cuttings have filled it up and to then last a lifetime.


The box files come in A4 and A5 sizes are hugely practical . The magazine boxes come with a proper (of course) brass label holder riveted to the spine. All covered in the most wonderful selection of papers, designed by some of Britain’s best artists of the Twentieth Century.

img_0086               img_00851

So Attention All Stationery Enthusiasts! Come in and take a look. All will be available to peruse on-line as soon as I can enter them. While you’re at it take a look at our gilt edged notebooks from Astier de Villatte and our linen bound artists books by Sennilier. They make me want to become a better person or artist at least. And yes that mug of pencils in the window has come from my desk and yes they are all freshly sharpened.

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