Ben Pentreath Ltd Christmas Window

I wanted to take some really atmospheric photographs of the shop Christmas window yesterday while it was snowing, but it was so freezing I couldn’t concentrate and here is my best effort. Sorry about that.


I have taken some more pictures today which are a slight improvement, I just want to show you how cute and Christmassy it all is here at the moment. Ben was feeling a little Victorian when designing the Christmas window, so we bought an old sleigh and Ben masterminded the very fitting backdrop.




Unfortunately we never did find an orphan to sit in the window to keep the spinning top going and send up the odd chimney or through unattended an open window to dabble in a bit of petty crime, but maybe orphans aren’t just for Christmas and we should keep our eyes peeled for one year round.


Do come and take a look at the window if you are nearby, we are open until 5pm on Christmas Eve.

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