Christmas Quiz Competition

….And the winners are:

Caroline Boileau (Caroline was first past the line with all the correct answers, but she did submit, of her own volition, two new answers for an O and a P, having first entered looking at the screen of an i-phone)

Followed shortly by Chris Yeo, who was the first to submit a completely correct answer sheet.

Mr Tim Rolph gets a very special mention for being the first to notice that the M was not merely a Marrow but contained a Mochaware Mug.


I know I had said up until next week, but it seems like the entries are all in at Ben P towers, and we have winners enough.


The full answers are as follows:

A is for Auricula, B is for Bookroom, C is for Candlelight (and claret), D is for Dusk, E is for Enamelware, F is for Fig, G is for Glasshouse (Greenhouse would also do); H is for Haws watering can; I is for Ivy; J is for Jug; K is for Kettle; L is for Levens Hall; M is for Marrow and Mochaware Mug; N is for Nash; O is for Orchard; P is for Path (potentially through a Potager); S is for Stamp; T is for Tea (and also, for the very sharp sighted, for Thread); U is for Uppark; V is for a View of a Valley; W is for Wheelbarrow; X is for Crossing; Y is for Yew, and Z is for Zest!

Happy Christmas.



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