May we introduce….

Franco Falconetto, the comic author?

So, I’m sure just when you thought it was weird over there in Italy… it got weirder. And that’s really what I think of my great friend Francis Terry, architect, the best classical draftsman I know, and one third of the Three Classicists exhibition (that we put on with our other great friend George Saumarez Smith last summer).

About a couple of years ago, Francis started writing a brilliant comic with his son Alfie, ‘Shooting Bad Guys’. What started as a charming joke has grown and grown into, well, a manic monster joke. And still it goes on.  Every now and again, a beautifully typed envelope arrives from the Terry’s office, containing a single sheet of elegantly-drawn paper. Yes, my latest instalment of Shooting Bad Guys.

Well now, to tremendous acclaim, Shooting Bad Guys has gone online. Please note the endorsement from A. N. Wilson on the front cover.  This is a work of serious (well, semi-serious) literature, ladies and gentlemen.  It is for a start completely engrossing. The quality of the drawing – if I am entirely honest – ebbs and flows – from pretty amazing to remarkable. And I challenge you, once you have started reading, to stop.

Here at Ben P Ltd, we are looking forward to hosting the launch party of SBG at SOME stage (when it is published) – in collaboration with Ciao Bella, the perfect Italian restaurant at the end of Lambs Conduit Street.  In the meantime, here we are; and please smile away as you lose yourself in the dark world of Franco Falconetto, Maria Pisani, the Castrami, Mia Culpa (who, it must be admitted, bears a striking resemblance to Mrs A. N. Wilson)……… the fantastic list of characters grows week by week.

Remember – you read it here first.


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