Prince Philip chic…

Move over, David Hicks. Talk to the hand, David Mlinaric. No, I am afraid without doubt that my new style icon is the Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke has of course appeared on this blog before, but now for something rather more distinguished.

At Bridport Market this weekend I found an old picture book about the Royal Yacht, Britannia. I have taken the liberty of making some scans, and I am now craving austerity chic interiors. Perhaps it’s all to do with The King’s Speech; or is it the combination of Coalition cuts and an imminent Royal Wedding…. or merely that we all seek timeless classics these days?

A selection of interiors and  portraits follow. Do you see what I mean? Rule Britannia.

Prince Philip's Bedroom


Prince Philip's Sitting Room


The Queen's Bedroom


The Queen's Sitting Room


The Drawing Room


The Ante-Room


The Princess of Wales's luggage being embarked


The annual Western Isles family holiday


The Queen attending to State and Commonwealth papers

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