Salad Days

It was a lovely weekend of friends down in Dorset, visits to Bridport Market, Forde Abbey, and lots of neighbours around for supper – where we enjoyed bowls of salad and the first new potatoes from my veg patch. Yes, it’s quite annoying to hear ‘there’s just nothing quite like fresh picked veg’ – but then when you do… you realise it is just a little bit true.


As spring slips into a beautiful summer, it may be worth remembering to order your tulips. I just discovered the amazing Rembrandt tulips from Thompson & Morgan:


And if, like me, you are in love with irises, you will perhaps be happy to hear that I have just ordered a mass of irises from the amazing and beautiful Wootens of Wenhaston website. Watch this space.

Well, enough of what almost sounds like gardeners question time. At supper last week, we all agreed that this programme is the single most nauseating production on whole of Radio 4… enough to make every single person in the room leap to the radio to turn it off. Oh dear. I better stop writing.

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