The pleasure of your company is requested…

At the Annual Rugby Street Summer Party! Wednesday week – make a note for your diaries – change your plans – book last minute international flights. We look forward to seeing as many people as possible.

Rugby Street surely is the finest street in Old London Town: we don’t make that claim lightly! Have you ever seen anything as short and sweet? The twitter of streets.  Everything you need in 140 characters… well, three characters really. We love our Rugby Street Traders’ Association meetings… that would be Maggie Owen London, Thornback & Peel and Ben P towers.

Do not neglect the perfectly undone up Rugby Tavern (do you realise how difficult it is to find a normal pub in central London these days?  The Rugby is, well, just that. To be fair, not where you’d take your first date, but where you’d both go for a pint a few months later, when you’ve got to the ‘I don’t need to impress you I’m just with you’ stage).

Of course honorary neighbours include Darkroom, purveyors of stunning contemporary home design (but their front door is Lambs Conduit Street… doesn’t count…) or just a further around the corner: The French House. If you like my shop you’ll love theirs. Goodness, any time soon we better set up as a DESIGN DISTRICT which seems to be the latest trend doesn’t it? Have you noticed?  Yikes. Can nothing be just what it… is?  (some nice shops next door to each other who get on really well but who are far too disorganised to get sorted?).

Well, that’s enough to tempt you if you’re making a visit to WC1 any time soon. But if you’d like a lot of fun please be sure to come over on Wednesday 3rd July when Maggie, Thornback and us did get organised and are opening up for our annual summer jamboree.  Special discounts, bubbly, and above all a chance to mingle with the most sophisticated moths in London, drawn to her brightest flames (….okay time to shut up now Ben).

And please note the best-dressed customer competition at 8pm. We take our customers very seriously on Rugby Street. We haven’t quite worked out the prize yet. It will be lavish, believe me, and quite possibly in direct proportion to the beauty of the winner and the drunkenness of the judges.

I won’t be the best-dressed shop keeper. I’ll be getting in that evening from visiting a hand-made brickworks in Buckinghamshire who are making 54,000 wood fired bricks for one of my house projects. That will surely be the subject of an interesting blog one day soon. So forgive me if you have to brush brick dust from my shoulder, and if I don’t win the best-dressed shopkeeper prize.

But we will have fun. See you there!  Everyone is welcome. Our chance to say thank you.


A blog with weekend happenings may follow a little later in the week, so please check back.

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