Too busy to write?

It’s been a bit of a crazy month. For those of you who follow the blog (hello Bridie, and hello Bridie’s mum!) you may have been wondering if we were okay. A few things have been happening!

First, my exhibition  of drawings at the RIBA – with my friends George Saumarez Smith and Francis Terry. We opened at the beginning of the month and at least something seems to be in the air when both the RIBA journal and Architects’ Journal wrote 12 pages each on the show…

Perhaps the biggest thank you needs to go to our friends Max Rollitt, Edward Hurst and Edward Marnier for their amazing decoration of the room for three days only, when we transformed the gallery into an English country house for a few short hours. Here are a couple of photos! If you covet that yellow sofa, scroll back to the blog in November 2009 and you will see the same sofa that I bought from Max a year ago. Perfect, and much more fun than drawings.



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