And we have lift off!


Bridie Hall at Home is now official! We had a soft launch last autumn as a little warm up but Wednesday just gone was the big day when we made it official by launching to the press. 


We had the beautiful invites made by the Hand & Eye Letterpress

The shop looked wonderful, we filled the window with a set of Geometric Solids, a Trav Chair and bunches of exquisite Green Orchids from our local florist Dawsons.

I’d never given green Orchids a second glance before but in buckets en masse out on the street they spoke to me.  They go so well with the tan of the leather and the bone white of the geometric solids. 

Anyway, I could not have been happier with the turn out and the reception, not to mention the best coffee ever provided by The Espresso Room. So much good feed back and positivity, I feel like all of the effort was rewarded. It also made me realise there is no rest now, this is merely the beginning, so I’d better get back to the grindstone and get making. Writing the content for the rest of the website is first on the list! 

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