Better late than never…

It’s a funny thing. I meant to post on Sunday night… having driven down from London to Dorset, arriving at the Parsonage after dark, after an unexpectedly wonderful weekend. But I was too tired. So I didn’t!

This morning, I had a meeting looking at the remarkable house I mentioned years ago on this blog, with its extraordinary, intact, David Hicks interiors. Their beauty is striking every time you enter; all the more so because the fun, happy family who have inherited this house know exactly how wonderful these rooms are and cherish them in their fading grandeur.

I took a few snaps. And, arriving back in London this evening, Charlie’s cooking a delicious supper, which is nearly ready, and there isn’t a lot of time to write about anything.

So I thought the least said the better. Feast your eyes. There aren’t hundreds of photos, just like there aren’t hundreds of words, but I hope you don’t mind. I’m inspired – and isn’t that what the blog is all about, after all?


P1070053 P1070055 P1070056

The purple sitting room has to be one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever seen.  As much for the sublime hang of pictures as the softly faded dyed hessian walls.

A corner, meanwhile, of the entrance hall:P1070060


or of the Gents WC, a dream.. This is true country-house decoration:P1070061

And the dining room, where the dyed hessian walls were originally a shocking vermillion-orange and have faded to the most perfect soft rose-pink. The shadow of the picture frame shows the real colour. You see what I mean?P1070091

Finally, the Hicks designed stair carpet:


Have you ever seen anything so amazing?

Although I am not sure I would have many clients who would let me do that today. Would you?

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