Blessed are the Printmakers

You may remember that last year I wrote about the  Whittington Press.  Yesterday afternoon I have spent the day with a remarkable new book that John and Rose Randle have published, in collaboration with the architect and artist Andrew Anderson.

A Vision of Order is a collection of Anderson’s beautiful graphic and typographic linocuts—for each of which he has written a detailed description—and this monumental book glows and astounds on every page.

The relationship between type and image may, I think, never have been surpassed.  It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen.  Here are some photographs, which needless to say are nothing to the real thing, but I hope might share some of the quality of the original.

It is perhaps inevitable that the main edition has already sold entirely – I checked with John before writing this post. But, if you are able to treat yourself, there are a few of the special editions remaining, and these come complete with Anderson’s remarkable large-scale linocut, ‘The Rock of Cashel’, printed on nine sheets and bound together, and which come in their own separate folio. Here are some photographs of The Rock of Cashel:

It is hard not to use hyperbole when looking at and reading A Vision of Order. But I hope you can see what I mean. You can contact John and Rose Randle here.

A little while later, I spent some time in the garden in the beautiful, soft autumn sunshine. I took a few photographs to record the moment. I’m not sure that I can remember such a beautiful autumn as we have had this year. It occurred to me that in their way, gardens—especially in this quiet, still November sunshine—provide us with their own Vision of Order. It is here, and in the fields and hedges,and in days like this, that I find my peace.


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