Buy Nothing Day – Sorry – and thank you…

So, I have a confession to make. When Bridie and I decided to close the shop for International Buy Nothing Day, on Saturday…

Buy Nothing copy

… it was really because Anastasia was at home with her family for Thanksgiving. Bereft of our Saturday Girl, we did not know quite what to do. Bridie was out and about gathering wood for her autumn fires and inspiration for the months to come, and I was down in Dorset cooking lunch for 16 people.  So it was quite convenient to realise that it was Buy Nothing Day and a good chance to close the shop and do precisely that (and, I would just like to note, I managed to Buy Nothing all day long – did you?).

Little did this prepare us for the following message that was left on one of the posters.  To the person who had come all that way (if by any chance you have a look at the website) I really am heartily sorry. I know how completely annoying it is to go a long way and find a shop closed.  To be honest, we were a little surprised and even a little flattered that someone is coming a long way to find us – but that doesn’t help it when we are shut.  I’m really sorry.


Not good

We will try better in the future. And if (mystery person) you would like to send Bridie and me an email with whatever it was you needed, we would be happy to give you a little token of our concern/apology, and hope that that might help.

Luckily, not everyone was so upset. We took the poster down. A little while later someone else had written another note on another poster. To that mystery person.. we did enjoy our day.  So thank you… and we are really very sorry to those that did not.


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